Our WhatsApp Prices

Our WhatsApp messaging service is priced per message sent, irrespective of the lenght or content of your message. Here is our base price for WhatsApp messages to various destinations.

Whatsapp messages are completly Free of charge if you have a dedicated channel. This is ideal if you plan on sending many Whatsapp messages from time to time.

You will only be charged for outgoing messages. Incoming whatsapp messages are totally FREE!

Starter Plan Free Trial Business Plan Pro Plan Enterprise Plan
Outbound Messaging Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inbound Messaging Support No No No No Yes
Monthly Message Limit 1,000 10,000 30,000 60,000 Unlimited
Max. Hourly Traffic 300 300 600 900 15,000
Max. Queue Size 400 400 500 2,500 30,000
Max. Media Size 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 3 MB 30 MB
Price (Naira) Free for 2 Days ₦6,330 Weekly ₦8,840 Monthly ₦10,100 Monthly ₦37,900 Monthly
Price (Dollar) Free for 2 Days $18 Weekly $25 Monthly 35 Monthly $80 Monthly

How To Get a Dedicated Channel

Step 1: Create an account with SMSKit.net if you dont already have one

Step 2: Fund your SMSKit.net account with the required credits to cover your choice of subscription plan

Step 3: Go to your Dashboard and click on WhatsApp Channels

Step 4: Click on Create New Channel to add your first channel

Step 5: Once created, click "Manage" then click on "QR Code" to connect your channel to your whatsapp account and start sending messages

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