Reliable SMS delivery, global compliance, and simple account management.

Looking for an SMS API provider that take conversations with your customers in new directions with lightning-fast delivery and receipt of SMS?
Deliver individual and bulk SMS notifications and alerts from your systems quickly and effectively with's fully featured bulk SMS solution.

Why Choose

Guarantee Delivery

We offer both Transactional and Corporate routes that guarentee message delivery to all your audience, including numbers on DND.

User-friendly Platform

Our platform to use, you don't require any special skill to be able to use it effectively with a simple login->compose->send process.

Reports & Analytics

Get delivery reports of all SMS campaigns and view detailed activity reports of your usage. Also view and save recipts of online transactions.

Branded Campaigns

You can use custom sender IDs to send messages, for example send messages with your company/brand/product name as Sender ID.

Import Contacts

You can import your mobile contacts to a group on our platform.

Manage Contacts

You can organize your contact list by having them in specific groups online.


Flash & Unicode Messages

You can send messages in any character set and also send flash messages.

Two-way Messaging

Start relevant conversations with your clients on our platform that is send messages and get replies.


You can access our platform with any device as long as you have internet access, no software required

Send and Recieve Texts Online

Send texts to your staff and customers online and also with virtuals numbers you can recieve incoming SMS and replies to your text messages.

SMS Gateway API

Integrate our SMS gateway into your website or software using SMS API tools and add text messaging to your business process.

Advance CSV Upload

You can Send different to different mobile recipients at a time.

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