Virtual SMS Numbers

A virtual number is a telephone number that is not locked to a particular phone, it can forward a voice call or SMS to any phone. Virtual SMS numbers solution enables you send and recieve SMS from the same number everytime, this is great for brands that want a constant or lasting powerful SMS presence and are an essential part of any two-way messaging campaign. Once a virtual number is assigned to you, all the messages that your number recieves will be forwarded to your inbox.

Why Use a Virtual Number

Using a virtual number gives you a straightforward way of reaching your clients, with a way of easily modifying that with features such as keys or codes and message prompts to automate your SMS campaign that is it is very effective for a two-way communication. It makes business processes more efficient and simplifies communication.


Setting up a customized number enables you use a regular sender ID for all messages sent from your account. Allow customer-initiated engagement and advertise your number either online or offline to increase your mobile database.

Incoming Organizer

All of your incoming SMS can be accessed and managed in your account or delivered to your custom application or callback function


Appointment scheduling can be automated by setting up your virtual number to reply sensibly based on a set of keywords.

Movements and promotions

Exploit consistent branding and messaging across your bulk SMS activities, this will create better loyalty and commitment with easily managed opt-outs.

Vast Number of Uses

You can use numbers for promations, quick text answers, polls or for potential customers to provide details.

Cost Effectiveness

Using virtual numbers is a lot cheaper than using trditional carriers or sending text messages internationally.

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